• I have an older version of wallet, how can i export the keys?

    Make a backup of wallet, then drag the wallet file over leviar_keys_export executable
    It should asks for your wallet password, type it and wait a little, window should close (just ignore errors)
    Then, in the folder of leviar_keys_export you should find a ****.keys.txt file, open it in notepad (or your favorite text editor)
    There's your wallet keys, use the keys to create new wallet choosing Import from keys
  • My wallet balance is 0

    First of all, search for transactions you received on Block Explorer
    Most common causes are:
    - Wallet not sync at 100% (please check on the Explorer the last block)
    - Wallet creation height not correctly set (if you are unsure about that, go to settings -> Wallet creation height -> change it to 0 and on top of the settings page press Rescan wallet balance)
    - Wallet can't sync to last block, try to sync with remote node:
    Your wallet can be broken, you can create a new one:
    Export seed from wallet, make a backup then create a new wallet importing from seed.